Historic Village

A visit to our Historic Village is a true step into the past. Our realistic representation of 19th century businesses, workshops, and homes gives visitors a genuine feel for what life was like over the past 150 years of Southern culture.

Traditional Farmstead

Explore six historic buildings dating back as far as 1870 and learn how a subsistence farming community operated during the 19th century.

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Early 20th Century

In direct contrast to the Traditional Farmstead at the south end of the property, the 20th Century section showcases advancements in technology, medicine, leisure and agriculture.

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Progressive Farmstead

The Progressive Farmstead highlights the departure from subsistence farming and the emergence of the middle class farm family able to utilize advancements in technology to improve their daily life as well as increase the overall efficiency of their farmstead.

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Industrial Sites Complex

The Industrial Complex on the west end of Main Street showcases businesses that played vital roles in the daily lives of those individuals in a mill town within the Wiregrass Region.

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Main Street

Main Street highlights independent stores, like the Feed and Seed, which are owned by an individual and thus operated differently from company owned stores such as the Commissary in a mill town.

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